About Colombia

Despite its relatively small size, occupying 1% of the world’s landmass, Colombia boasts 19% of the world’s species of birds (more than North America and Europe combined). Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on Earth, and is a land of startling contrasts and unlimited possibilities.

This diversity is due to Colombia’s immensely diverse landscapes, which include three Andean ranges, two vast inter-andean valleys, the imposing Santa Marta Mountains and the Caribbean Coast, the Choco Bioregion along the Pacific Ocean, and a large portion of the Orinoquia region and the Amazon Rainforest. Colombia has five distinct natural regions: The Andean Region, the Santa Marta Mountains and Caribbean Region, the Pacific or Chocó Region, the Amazon Region and the Orinoquia or Llanos Region. A steady growth in Colombian ornithology and the establishment of many private nature reserves to complement the public ones makes locating many of the special birds more practical.

Colombia’s vast geography, rich culture and history, astounding avian diversity, and culinary customs have been impossible for tourists to explore due to a decades-long conflict that is finally nearing its end. Security is, inevitably, an issue of concern to potential visitors. The reality is that the Colombian Government has made great strides in making the country safe for travel, and tourists from around the world are beginning to discover Colombia in its fullness. Colombia’s friendly people are excited to welcome you to their country with open arms and a cup of the best coffee in the world.